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Housing gifts and treasures for the mind, body and soul, The Blue Budha shows you a different perspective of life. Offering an experience like no other, creating conscious moments of magic with every person we meet.

The perfect place to find anything from healing crystals and handmade candles, to spiritual guidance and self discovery.

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  • Full Moon in Virgo on Friday, March 6

    Published on Thursday, March 05, 2015

    “Venus, Uranus, South Node and Mars are all in Aries, so you may experience a sudden encounter with somebody from a past life that you feel a very strong attraction for. This is a rare opportunity to clear some old karma or to find your true soul-mate. Don’t miss this one. It may not come again for a while, so keep those antennae tuned!


  • The Fifth (Throat) Chakra - Our Communication Centre

    Published on Wednesday, March 04, 2015

    The Throat chakra is the gate of our communication, our voice. Our throat chakra represents the expression of our truth, beliefs and opinions. The biggest challenge for us here and now is to speak the truth from our hearts, no matter what...


  • I Have Just Watched 'The Power of the Heart' movie

    Published on Monday, March 02, 2015

    As I am writing this, my eyes are still red and my cheeks are still wet from tears rolling down my face non-stop for oven an hour. I’m surrounded by used tissues and a bit stunned by what I’ve just seen and experienced, but the feeling in my chest, in my heart is amazing!


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